Les Nuits: Sensual ballet conjures Arabia | Arts and Culture | Theatre

world epitomised sensuality, languor, refinement and mystery. cutting-edge civilisation of its day....Read more

Noisy flights are about to get a lot less noisy

ENGINEERS AT TRINITY College Dublin have been selected to lead a project that will significantly reduce the noise pollution and carbon footprint of planes. The School of Engineering in Trinity is coordinating three EU projects with a combined budget of €5.Read more

Dairy sector to receive emergency EU funding following Russian trade ban

The European Union will use agricultural funds to help EU producers store butter, Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP) and cheese, to help diminish the impact of the Russian ban on EU food imports, the Commission announced on Thursday (28 August). Earlier this month, Russia banned the import of certain foods and drinks originating from the European Union as a response to Western sanctions over Ukraine’s crisis. The European Commission is using a Common Agricultural Policy measure called Private Storage Aid to help finance the cost of the three to seven months temporary storage of butter, SMP, and several types of cheese. However, the Commission has not specified the amount it intends to disburse to the dairy industry.Read more

Romanians and Bulgarians boost immigration totals: Telegraph

29 August 2014 | 08:31 | London. writes.Read more

Company briefs - timesofmalta.com

Dhalia Real Estate Services has expanded its international network through a partnership agreement with leading international property brand Gascoignes International. Headquartered in London, Gascoignes International has a reach that spans the UK through a large number of associated estate agents....Read more

EC announces aid package to dairy producers hit by Moscow ban

The move comes days after it announced EU aid worth 125 mn euros ($170 mn) to help fruit and vegetable producers hit by Moscow's ban. BRUSSELS The European Commission has announced financial support for exporters of dairy products hit by Russia's ban on food import from the EU. The move comes days after it announced EU aid worth 125 million euros ($170 million) to help fruit and vegetable producers hit by Moscow's ban. Moscow has slapped a one-year embargo on meat, fish, dairy, fruit and vegetables from the United States, the European Union, Canada, Australia and Norway in retaliation for Western economic sanctions over Moscow's involvement in the Ukraine crisis.Read more

EU announces market support measures for milk sector

High supply and low prices boost octopus fishing ban

Octopus catch.
For three months octopus will not be allowed to be caught in Mauritanian waters, following the ban enacted by the Government of this country from 21 August. supply company, who proposed the suspension of the fishing activity given the oversupply and falling prices....Read more

Car rental companies illegally fleecing Danish customers

Some of the biggest car rental companies in Europe regulate their prices depending on where their customers come from. More often than not, being Danish means you pay dearly for renting a car. Danes often have to pay 20 to 30 percent extra and sometimes even more, according to random checks undertaken by Jyllands-Posten newspaper. The car rental companies are clearly acting illegally and I intend to follow through on this case in order to ensure that Danish consumers are not being cheated,” Henrik Øe, the consumer ombudsman, told Jyllands-Posten.
There is a massive disparity in rental prices dependent on the nationality of the consumer....Read more

[Ticker] EU to help dairy producers hit by Russian sanctions

28. 08. The European Commission will offer emergency help for dairy producers hit by Russia's ban on EU food. The EU executive will help pay storage costs for butter and skimmed milk powder and aid for certain cheeses.Read more